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Performance is more than an end result. It is a driver, to continually improve yourself.

Light fascinates people – little wonder, therefore, that the light bulb is always ranked among the most important inventions in history. The scope to utilize light is always breaking new ground and in this field, InterTek Trading is a partner in global demand for technologies which channel and shape light.
As a partner from Jungbecker Optics, InterTekTrading and selected highly specialised partners offer a wide range of effective diffusion optics from A.L.P. Europe, optical precision anti-reflection coatings, light-deflecting components made from microstructures, heat-resistant materials from Bayer and reflectors for Bright View LED technology. High-tech applications used in the lighting industry and enhancing the range of options open to “light” as a medium. Establishing sustainability for existing lighting systems and operating as a catalyst to development, which underpins competitive advantages in volatile markets.
In this context, InterTek Trading sees its role as not just a supplier, but a partner, which devises development solutions for customers from their perspective. The result may resemble a product at first glance, but is actually more: it encompasses our consultancy service and our ceaseless efforts to find a solution as close as possible to the ideal. We can harness various proposals and computer simulations of lighting technicians to anticipate results. The goal: 100 percent service, commercial thinking and customised individuality.