Development Services

Customer requirements are our innovation boost.

The best solution is the product of engineering; the success of which InterTek Trading sees as a communication task, namely combining consulting, understanding customer and market requirements and in-house product development.

For us, optimal comes as standard.

InterTek Trading is an external development partner for its customers combining a constant focus on product creation with the advantage of expertise we can draw upon immediately whenever needed in the process. This makes everything quicker and more flexible: coordinated project plans are refined into end products, which frequently spawn ultra-fast and short-term “time to market” deployments for customers.
What our customers expect is: professional assistance with optical design right up to series-production readiness including competence accrued through simulation, which allows us to ascertain the impact of results even before the first sample is produced. The flexible optical simulation program specially developed for Fresnel technology in the form of a 3D ray tracing device helps optimise optical design as early as the planning phase and lets you gain a coherent picture of technical lighting parameters such as optical paths, illuminance and luminous intensity distributions.
Exploiting the latest in turning and milling technology, diamond tools are employed to make replication tools within a diverse production technology scope. Whether thermoforming-press, injection moulding or casting methods are involved, we go beyond mere production alone, with in-house toolmaking sets the foundations for perfect products.
Numerous in-house developments help ensure precision, which is then leveraged to convert calculated optical structures into serially-produced tools.

InterTek Trading Optical Development Services