Evonik Industries

Jungbecker/InterTek Trading and Evonik – a perfect match.
Precision optics manufacturer, Jungbecker/InterTek Trading, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Evonik Cyro LLC to represent their acrylic-based light-guiding solutions throughout North America. Jungbecker’s unique, direct-to-sheet technology is a perfect match with the unsurpassed optical performance and outstanding weatherability of Evonik’s ACRYLITE® products. Using a proprietary hot-embossing process, Jungbecker can replicate precise microstructures onto Evonik’s acrylic-based solutions, delivering a range of controlled light shaping properties. Jungbecker’s diverse light-guiding product portfolio and high-precision optics capabilities, coupled with the high performance of ACRYLITE® provides an excellent solution for a variety of applications in the North American market. Previous to this collaboration, Evonik & Jungbecker have established a long standing, strategic relationship in Europe as Evonik has served as Jungbecker’s primary supplier of acrylic-based products over the years and continue to maintain that trusted, valued relationship.
Evonik is one of the world‘s leading specialty chemicals companies with approximately 33,000 employees and activities in more than 100 countries. Their PMMA based products are an integral part of markets such as lighting, automotive and medical and can be found in a wide range of applications such as architecture, construction, light and design applications and many more. Evonik’s Acrylic Polymers business line offers its customers a broad portfolio of PMMA molding compounds and sheet products.


Highest standard is the standard.
The Covestro Network former Bayer MaterialScience combines many years of experience and innovative strength in the development and production of high-quality and heat-resistant polycarbonate sheets. For InterTek Trading the cooperation with his global player means: stand-by expert solutions for complex customer-specific developments.
Makrolon® is a trademark of Covestro and solid sheets made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and intelligent materials are the ideal basis for different applications in lighting technology. Resistant to UV light and abrasion, equipped with fire protection properties, low reflective or in optical quality – the range covers every requirement.
Transparent and translucent solid sheets, multi-skin sheets and diffuser plates, the portfolio of Covestro is large. This is particularly interesting for InterTek Trading and its customers as processing possibilities are almost inexhaustible. Punching, drilling, sawing, milling or also deforming and printing – the material opens up new design possibilities.

Bright View Technologies

Optimised up to the last detail.
Together with the products of our partner Bright View Technologies the spot light source of LEDs can be scattered efficiently.
Bright View has developed a photo-replication process to apply micro-structures on a various films, including PET. This technology, which we believe is unique worldwide, enriches our portfolio enormously.
Bright View through its‘ parent company, Tredegar, has developed ultra-efficient diffuse-reflective films, which can be delivered with self-adhesive as well as vacuum-formed. This allows not only a high level of efficiency but also an outstanding price/performance ratio. These materials are ideal for LED technology, displays and control systems and InterTek Trading uses the competence and flexibility of its’ technology partner for customer-specific projects.

A.L.P Europe

Jointly around the world.
A.L.P. Europe Ltd is a “logic” partner for InterTek Trading. Product lines ideally complement each other and markets, in which both companies are well established, open up worldwide prospects. As an established developer of their own sheet material A.L.P. Europe Ltd have the expertise to produce extruded prismatic sheets and opal diffusing sheets with excellent energy yield and the best light scattering properties. The perfect foundation for a business relationship, which is cultivated intensively since 2008. Especially due to the close cooperation with Managing Director Andy Shakes.
In the UK, for example, A.L.P. Europe Ltd has exclusively taken on the sales for Jungbecker-Optics. Furthermore, sales departments of both companies use joint distributors in many parts of the world and thereby achieve greatest possible coverage and economies.